Corporate communications include key elements to build a better image and to raise the value of the company. It is based on two lines: informing the public about the company’s news and maintaining a dialogue with stakeholders – employees, shareholders, media, state institutions, cooperation partners, industry organisations, NGOs, financial sector and the general public. Internal communication culture is not less important for a company to have a healthy working environment and to be ready for crises that may affect its reputation. Our PR crisis consultants are experienced in solutions for three main stages of crisis communications:

  • getting ready for potential PR crisis
  • communication during PR crisis,
  • restoring reputation after crisis situations.

In case of a crisis, our PR consultants are available to clients 24/7



Numbers cannot speak. Yet unskilled communication about financial results, strategy, and vision of the future leads to speculations or even misinterpretation of data in media. It may have a high price for the company’s business. Our PR agency employs experienced professionals in the field of finances, law, journalism and investor relations. We have more than 19 years of experience in the field of financial communications, working with various clients. We provide an effective communication of the client with stakeholders: co-operation partners, analysts, journalists, clients, employees and other persons involved who need precise and consistent information about events in your company. Related services:


Branding goes hand in hand with your key business values. A brand goes far beyond a symbol or a logotype, and is closely associated with your clients’ emotions arising in contacts with your company. When creating a brand, we offer solutions for a brand to reach its target audience and address it as personally and directly as possible. For a client, a strong brand means much more than just a name of another company or product. We always start with a spectators view to objectively evaluate your strong and weak points, create a well considered brand management strategy on the way to a recognized, loved and valuable brand with a personality! Our services:


  • creating and positioning a brand;
  • publicity events for new products;
  • digital communication promoting new product;
  • reference marketing or word of mouth marketing



Well maintained media relations help to create positive reputation of a company in the long run. We work hand in hand with our client to create a message that we will publish in media. This is both active and pro-active building of media relations. Media relations include: preparing information which interests journalists, giving answers to media, preparing information about the company’s news and its publication in media as well as consulting a client before meeting media representatives. During almost 20 years of our business experience, we have always sought excellence, therefore, when planning events, we focus on the tiniest details, bearing in mind the audience we must achieve – new clients, employees, shareholders, management, general public or most often – media. When organizing media events, we identify and emphasize the unique message which provokes media interest. Well organised events is a way how a company may provoke media interest, show its face, philosophy and corporate strategy. Related services:




No doubt, you are an excellent professional or even a leader in your business field. Yet not everybody has an innate talent of convincing people who sit on the other side of a TV screen, or presenting his/her opinion to journalists in a way which doesn’t allow interpretation or misunderstanding. We teach our clients the basic principles, which are like a plan for a successful communication with media. Our experts develop an individual training plan, suitable for different levels of knowledge, from the elementary to the mastery level. There are trainings in various programmes, both individual and in groups.

  • Key principles of successful public speaking. Preparing an excellent speech
  • Communication with media, Latvian media environment. Reducing stress in front of a camera and a microphone
  • Communication with clients
  • Non-verbal communication or body language communication
  • Preparing presentations and speaking skills
  • Stress management


Building the image of an industry expert in today’s oversaturated information space is a challenge for every PR agency. How to make journalists ask you a comment? And your expert opinion to be covered by TV and the press? To win journalists’ confidence, you must be first of all qualified in your field, yet understanding media environment and principles of making news is not a less important task. Our experienced PR consultants have strong relations with media, they know trends of the industry and understand what kind of information is and will be published. We have a wide experience in c-suite positioning and will be able to pave your way to an expert’s status – top level awareness as well as media and public confidence. Related services:



In lobbying and public affairs, choosing the right strategy to reach goals and find allies is an art. Professional lobbying and public affairs is the capability of influencing decision making in the government, parliament, local government and state institutions, to promote and observe effectively clients’ interests and for public interests to be respected. In lobbying, it is always crucial to identify the main groups of influence in decision making process, their real interests, and to be able to reach an agreement on protecting one’s own interests. Our knowledge of political system and experience in solving complex issues helps our clients to adopt the right strategy in lobbying. Mediju tilts was awarded for the 2nd best implemented lobbying campaign in 2014 in the Baltics, we also take an active part in public debate about lobbying regulation models in Latvia. Our study about how to lobby successfully in Europe and Latvia will be your practical guide in lobbying and is available in the Studies section.


In Mediju tilts, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability is a part of everyday work. It is our responsibility to environment and resources, as we assume that such attitude is important both at home and at workplace. This is one of the main business principles in our company. In 2013, Global Compact and Accenture conducted the most extensive study of corporate responsibility and sustainability. 81% of the largest global business leaders admitted that the company’s sustainability reputation is important for consumers who decide to make a purchase. Therefore, for our clients, we:


  • develop CSR and sustainability strategy;
  • train managers how to change attitudes of employees in order to get closer to the future model – a company with the reputation of a sustainable and socially responsible business;
  • we offer lectures to managers and employees of all levels to improve their understanding of CSR and sustainability

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Many companies are aware of social media strength, yet not all of them have time and resources to evaluate strategically which platforms to choose and how to use these platforms effectively to reach business goals. It is important to understand:

  • Which goals do you want to reach, which will be the role of social media in reaching these goals?
  • Which social media platforms will be the most suitable for your business and target audience?
  • What will be the content of messages?
  • How will you involve your followers?
  • How will you measure return?
  • Do you have all necessary resources for regular communication in social media?

Social media gives you the opportunity to address your clients faster and in a more personal manner and develop a dialogue with the target audience. For clients, it is a good opportunity to contact your company directly and individually. Our creative and strategically minded social network team will work out a customized activity model in social networks just for you, whether it’s a source of information about your company, advertising campaign platform, client service centre, idea creation place, involvement project platform, feedback platform, crisis communication tool or competitor analysis tool. We have at our disposal several social network measurement tools which help us to analyze in details activities in social networks – both yours and of your competitors.

Our services include all kinds of creative and visual solutions in digital environment, including videos of various formats intended just for web audience. We know that a video must be interesting and useful, but also short, so that people like to watch it. Our cameraman knows how to prepare an interesting video and make the most important things to stand out.



In today’s political and fiscal conditions, it would be difficult to find a company not affected by change. An unprofessional M&A communication, structural changes or staff reduction leads to negative publicity. Damaging reputation of a company which is already in a difficult situation poses serious threat to business and may result even in its liquidation. When implementing any changes, one should bear in mind that the employee is the core element of this process. The more professionally an individual is prepared for changes in a company, the bigger is the guarantee that the change will allow the company to prosper in new conditions. We offer to take the following steps for a successful revival of your business:


  • to evaluate potential risks of the change plan and to offer solutions;
  • to make proposals for building a new culture in the enterprise;
  • to explain the need of change by involving employees in the whole process;
  • to train the company’s management, to involve it in change communication with employees;
  • to speak individually with employees involved in changes;
  • to develop and offer employees educational activities in line with changes

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Strategy is like a backbone of any communication campaign. If the strategy is right, then the business succeeds, but if there is none, it creates problems in building the company’s image. The communication strategy must be in line with the company’s business development plan and culture. If the strategy is developed correctly, it will become an integral part of business processes of the company and will be an important support in achieving business goals and fighting competitors. No matter what is the goal  – becoming the most reliable expert in financial services or a leader in providing medical services, or a producer of favourite beverages – any of these goals must have a strategy how to achieve it in media environment or public space, secondly, there must be a strategy how to communicate it inside the company, and, thirdly, how to inform the company’s stakeholders – business partners, clients, state and local government representatives, NGOs, local communities and other related groups.

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Word-of-mouth marketing or WOMM is the world’s fastest growing marketing segment. It is a very efficient and a rather cheap way of introducing your product to the public. We have created Latvia’s first word-of-mouth marketing portal,, where merchants can deliver their products to people – brand ambassadors – for testing to get references in social media.

We have established a network of ambassadors in different age, interest and income groups. They are people who like testing new products and share their opinions in social networks. Unlike traditional social account followers, the network of our network is wider and goes beyond your brand followers.

New product PR. You need something special to catch media focus by a new product. Here public relations help to create a story that would draw public and media attention. Every day we keep finger on the pulse to find out the latest communication trends and understand consumer behaviour. Our product campaigns often combine WOMM and publicity in traditional media, so we reach a much wider audience. To make a campaign noticeable, we also recommend our clients to cooperate with popular people who are loved by the public and symbolise the same values.

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