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About cookies

Cookies are small text files which the website stores in the user’s smart device when he/she visits the website. At each visit, cookies are sent back to their original site or a third party’s site, which identifies the cookie. Cookies enable the website to remember the settings chosen by the user for the following visits and not to indicate them again every time. Cookies are not used to identify you personally.

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Google Analytics

The website uses the “Google Analytics” programme developed by legal entity “Google Inc.”. The programme uses cookies enabling the administrator of the website to analyse its usage. You can refuse the collection of data by “Google Analytics” by downloading and installing a browser add-on:

How to manage and delete cookies

You can also manage and delete cookies, if you want. Most web browsers can be installed so that storing cookies in your smart device is blocked. You should take into account that you will have to adjust some settings every time you visit the website, even more, some services and functions will not be available (active) on the website. Read more at

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