Mediju tilts is a team of professionals specialized in lobbying and public affairs with long experience of managing political risks on Latvian and European scale and implementing legislation initiatives in various fields.

The knowledge by the experts of Mediju tilts of the political system of Latvia and EU and their long experience in solving complex issues of interest representation helps to choose the right strategy in lobbying. Mediju tilts has been awarded for the lobbying campaign in the Baltics, as well as takes an active part in public debate about models of regulating lobbying in Latvia.


To develop the best lobbying strategy and choose the best solutions for representation of interests, we provide:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Lobbying strategy
  • Organisation of lobbying campaigns, surveys and actions
  • Development of arguments and testing of messages
  • Analysis and management of political risks
  • Management of the process of initiating legislation amendments
  • Monitoring of political initiatives and legislation

Management of the process of initiating legislation amendments
Organisation of lobbying campaigns, surveys and actions

The goal of lobbying activities is to create an appropriate environment, in which the client’s interests are protected and observed, so that government, parliament, local government, as well as administrative body officials take a well-reasoned and supportive decision.

If you want to strengthen your industry and harmonize the environment, start a new business and implement new services that need political support or new regulations to be approved… Or, on the contrary, if you deal with unjustified opposition, approval of unexplainable regulations, harmful legislation initiatives, lack of political support or even unjustified blackwashing, we could certainly help you.

Stakeholder mapping

In lobbying, it is always crucial to identify the main groups of influence in the process of decision-making, their true interests and to be able to reach an agreement for the protection of your interests. Not the process, but the result matters.

The most important skill in lobbying and representation of interests is that of choosing the right strategy to achieve the necessary goals and find right allies for their implementation.

Monitoring of political initiatives and legislation
Analysis and management of political risks

Policy and public opinion used to be very variable, as they must take into account the interests of very different social groups, as well as competitors. The opinion, which was dominating at some moment, may be rejected in a few months. Laws, Cabinet regulations or enactments regulating a particular sector may change rather quickly under pressure of interest groups and the society.

Nobody is protected from risks of political, legislative and public pressure. Still, these risks can be always predicted, managed and directed into the necessary channel, and potential losses can be minimized. Even more, the professional lobbying and representation of interests will not only protect but also ensure the influencing of decisions of state authorities and regulatory institutions in the client’s interests.

Lobbying strategy
Development of arguments

One of the key elements of business strategy is predictability of legislation and regulatory acts. However, what to do if you see potential threats to the successful development of your business due to changes in the political or legislative environment? Lobbying strategy is developed to protect your business or industry against political instability, unexpected changes in political processes and legislation, as well damaging initiatives of competitors.

New opportunities to kickstart and push through political initiatives and legislation amendments which are positive for business or the industry, development of constructive regulations, as well as a stronger immunity against competitors’ activities in the legislation field. The possibility of building relationships with legislators, developers of regulations and other organizations representing interests, based on constructive cooperation.

Lobbying consultants