The right strategy in public relations is as important as in business. First, we set business goals and then develop a communication strategy to gain customers confidence and promote the product in the market. Similarly, we also develop a strategy for public sector institutions that deliver services to the general public or are responsible for public policy implementation. In this case, the task of communication is to achieve that the society is well informed. A PR strategy should be applied in long-term; it drives your communication to achieve the goals and strengthens your reputation among clients, in the media, digital environment and among stakeholders. It is not less important to develop internal communication because employees who are proud of their employer are the best reputation builders.


Every company dreams that media write about its product and journalists quote comments made by its experts.
The company’s presence in the media proves its reputation and builds confidence in its brand. For public sector institutions, it is important that people are well informed about its work and services.
To build good media relations based on long-term cooperation, one has to understand the specifics of journalists’ work. Media relations include: preparing information in a way that attracts journalists’ interest, answering media questions, “selling” the company’s news to the media, as well as briefing the client before the meeting with journalists, including preparation of Q&A. It is important not to “spam” media with insignificant information but to provide with well-considered and prepared information instead, which will ensure your reputation in the media environment.


Branding goes hand in hand with your key business values. A brand goes far beyond a symbol or a logotype and is closely associated with your clients’ emotions arising in contacts with your company. When creating a brand, we offer solutions for a brand to reach its target audience and address it as personally and directly as possible. For a client, a strong brand means much more than just a name of another company or product. We always start with a spectators view to objectively evaluate your strong and weak points, create a well-considered brand management strategy on the way to a recognized, loved and valuable brand with a personality!

Our services:


  • creating and positioning a brand;
  • publicity events for new products;
  • digital communication promoting the new product;
  • reference marketing or word of mouth marketing


Corporate communications include key elements to build a better image and to raise the value of the company. It is based on two lines: informing the public about the company’s news and maintaining a dialogue with stakeholders – employees, shareholders, media, state institutions, cooperation partners, industry organizations, NGOs, financial sector and the general public. Internal communication culture is not less important for a company to have a healthy working environment and to be ready for crises that may affect its reputation. Our PR crisis consultants are experienced in solutions for three main stages of crisis communications:

  • getting ready for potential PR crisis,
  • communication during PR crisis,
  • restoring reputation after crisis situations.

In case of a crisis, our PR consultants are available to clients 24/7


Building an industry expert’s image for the client in today’s overcrowded information space is a challenge for every PR agency. How to achieve that journalists inquire your comment? To make your opinion reflected by TV or the press as an industry expert opinion? To win journalists’ confidence, you have to be competent in your field at first, yet it is not less important to understand media environment and principles of creating news. Our experienced PR consultants have long-term relations with journalists, they know the trends of the media and understand which information is and will be published. We have a wide experience in c-suite and management level PR positioning and build your expert’s profile – high level of recognition, as well as media and public confidence.


You are certainly an excellent professional or even a leader in your business field. Yet not everybody has an inborn talent to convince people sitting on the other side of the TV screen or the PC monitor about it, or to present his/her opinion to journalists so that they could neither interpret nor misunderstand it. We teach our clients the core principles, which are like guided formulas for a successful communication with the media. Our experts develop an individual training plan adapted to different levels, from basics to an advanced level. There are different training programmes for individuals and groups:

  • Media training: “Beginner”, “Professional”, “Expert”
  • Training of client service center staff
  • “White lies” or body language in communication in stress situations


We often perceive crises as just a little scandal in the media. Actually, crises consist of three phases:

  • Crisis Resistance
  • Crisis Responsiveness
  • Crisis Resilience

Having prepared ourselves for unfavorable situations carefully, we often manage to prevent the crisis or at least reduce it to an insignificant effect on our reputation. In the first phase- crisis resistance, we develop the crisis prevention plan that provides a toolbox for identification of crises at early stages, early response mechanism, and communication formats, for media, stakeholders, and employees, as well as crises simulation in front of a TV camera.

In case a crisis takes companies by surprise, it is crucial not to lose time because keeping silence will only increase speculations and rumors in the media. However, a company’s communication must be very well considered and professional. One cannot forget about the company’s internal communications. Each crisis is followed by the crises resilience phase of eliminating its consequences and restoring public reputation.

In case of crises, our PR consultants are available 24/7.
As crisis PR consultants, we have worked with many leading Latvian and global brands.


Nowadays it would be difficult to find a company not affected by changes. Often an unprofessional communication of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), structural changes or staff reductions lead to negative publicity. When making any changes, one shall remember that the employees are the key element of this process. The more employees are prepared for changes, the higher is the guarantee that these changes will enable your company to flourish in a new light.
Preparation for change communication:

  • evaluation of internal and external communication risks;
  • preparation of a change communications plan, involving employees throughout the process;
  • management trainings “communication of changes to employees” and “communication of changes to the media”



The Millennial generation and Generation X and Y have changed the communication environment, and every company and public-sector institution take it into consideration. These generations set trends, and large brands do their best to attract these people. Here, of course, we speak about digital environment. If you are not digitally visible, you do “not exist”.

Still, not only the new generation lives digitally, but also 40-, 50-, 60-year olds and older people start their day with the internet, and probably with FB, Instagram or Linkedin. Social networks regularly change their algorithms, smartly “deceiving” the users. Digital environment creates our “news bubble”, limiting the news which we see. Breaking through the “news bubble” is the art of our digital experts, who create algorithms for the message to reach the target audience. Meanwhile, the digital content team develops a digital communications strategy, choosing the communication style and content that would be interesting to the audience.


Numbers cannot speak. Yet unskilful communication of financial results leads to speculative or even mistaken data interpretation by the media. This can cost much to a company’s business. Our PR agency employs professionals with knowledge of finances, law, journalism, and investor relations. We are experienced in finance communication for more than 20 years, working with different clients. We ensure effective communication of the clients with stakeholders: cooperation partners, analysts, journalists, clients, employees and other parties involved, who need a precise and consequent information about events in your company.


Influencer marketing is the world’s fastest growing industry sector. This is a very efficient way of introducing the public to a company’s product. Everybody likes to follow the recommendations given by celebrities, as well as acquaintances and friends.

As influencers and brand ambassadors, we can attract celebrities who communicate brand values to their followers. Still, a much faster growing global trend is the involvement of micro- influencers in product testing and publishing references in social networks. We offer our clients support from Latvia’s only  micro-influencer portal in testing products and services. This gives access to more than 5000 voluntary brand ambassadors who have indicated their interests and fields in which they prefer to test products. They are socially active people who like to test new products and share their opinions in social networks.